Body Treatments

Hydrating Sugar Scrub Body Treatment
Moisturize and smooth your skin to perfection! LaLicious products bath and body products are designed specifically to give your skin everything it craves and deserves, including vitamins and essential oils! LaLicious products use the most natural ingredients available including soothing and conditioning oils such as almond oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil and all of their products are free of paraben preservatives and also sulfate detergents.
30 Minute Treatment – $40 Members / $50 Nonmembers

Éminence Organic Skin Care A Very Berry Detox Body Wrap
Give a special treat to you body and enjoy our organic body wrap full of antioxidant richness and deep blue nutrition of blueberry pulp. We’ll smooth your skin from shoulder to toes with a blueberry soy sugar scrub for exfoliation of the body, treat your body with with a stimulating blueberry soy detox treatment, and feed your body with antioxidants with a blueberry soy souffle which will leave your skin hydrated.
60 Minute Treatment – $89 Members / $109 Nonmembers

Contour Body Wrap
Lose Inches and Detoxify! Our Contour Body Wraps help and stimulate (i) reduction of cellulite, (ii) removal of trapped wastes – “detoxify”, and (iii) physical inch loss (not water loss). The body contour program is designed to cleanse the lymphatic and circulatory systems which in turn reshapes and smoothes the body. This protocol flushes the connective tissues of trapped waste that causes cellulite.
Contraindications: Pregnant or may be pregnant, Nursing, Heart Conditions and/or using blood thinner medications, Epilepsy, Cancer (Unless in remission for five years)
130 Minute Treatment – $119 Members / $139 Nonmembers
Series of 4 – $400 Members / $480 Nonmembers